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Although a majority of banks and credit card companies refuse to work with adult entertainment businesses due to the increased ratio of chargebacks and fraud, we understand the risks associated with your industry, are happy to work with you, and have solutions to get your merchant account up and running.

The risk of chargebacks is increased by adult entertainment customers who frequently call their credit card provider and deny charges as fraudulent, unpurchased, or unfulfilled – often because their fantasies weren’t satisfied, they had “buyer’s remorse”, or they simply wanted to clean their record.

Chargeback fees can be devastating for any business, and we’re committed to helping adult entertainment merchants maximize sales and protect their profits, regardless of the reputation your industry may have or if you’ve been terminated by low-risk processors and placed on the Terminated Merchant File (TMF)/MATCH list. As one of the most reliable processors for adult-oriented merchants all over the globe, you won’t need to worry about suddenly being terminated due to a high rate of chargebacks and fraud.