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CBD and Hemp Oil Merchant Processing

If you’re in the CBD and hemp industry, High Risk Merchant Pay is able to provide CBD and hemp oil merchant processing that is fair, effective, and most importantly, transparent. Although regulations are still being written, it’s no secret that CBD oil and hemp sales are skyrocketing. You can continue your e-commerce sales and grow your business by partnering with a payment processing company that understands the costs and risks of your industry.

You need a credit card processor that will accept the risks of processing your CBD/hemp e-commerce purchases and provide a secure online payment gateway for your business. At High Risk Merchant Pay, you don’t have to worry about your account being suddenly terminated because we understand these risks and value your business. In fact, we accept merchants terminated by Stripe or PayPal or on the Terminated Merchant File (TMF)/MATCH list.

Our CBD and hemp oil merchant processing services currently accept pre-rolls, flower, seeds, and wholesale.


We accept merchants terminated or on the TMF/Match list

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*For qualified merchants