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Integrate Your Magento Website with Our Payment Gateway

Many business owners search for the perfect payment gateway for their business. At High Risk Merchant Pay, we make it easy to set up your Magento platform with our payment gateway. Magento is a superb, cutting-edge payment option for e-commerce businesses. Here are just some of the concerns business owners have that HRMP’s integration with Magento has answers for:

Magento payment processing is able to satisfy all of these requirements, and more. With Magento, integration with High Risk Merchant Pay is seamless. At High Risk Merchant Pay, we specialize in working with businesses that banks consider high-risk. We even approve merchant accounts for businesses on the TMF/Match List. HRMP also can help grow your business globally, with the ability to process 169 different currencies.


We accept merchants terminated or on the TMF/Match list

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