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Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO)

Are you a MOTO company in need of a reliable payment processor? Has your application been turned down numerous times due to low risk processors deeming you a high-risk liability? The MOTO industry, short for mail order telephone order, is filled with many high-risk liabilities due to the fact that a credit card is not physically present during any transaction. Payment processing that involves a card-not-present transaction (CNP) is generally considered to have a high risk of fraud, regardless of whether it’s e-commerce, telephone, mail, or fax.

Due to the abundance of fraud opportunities mail and telephone orders present credit card processors, many low-risk payment processors don’t want to work with companies in the MOTO industry. Oftentimes if MOTO companies find a payment processor willing to approve them in the first place, they are faced with unreasonable rates that threaten their profits.

Although a majority of banks and credit card companies refuse to work with MOTO businesses due to the increased risk of fraud, we understand the risks associated with your industry, are happy to work with you, and have solutions to get your merchant account up and running quickly – under one flat rate.