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MATCH List Merchant Accounts

Has your business or merchant account provider been placed on the dreaded MATCH list? If so, you may be confused as to what it means, why your business has been targeted, and how to find reliable payment processing for your business.

At High Risk Merchant Pay, we approve many merchants that have been placed on the MATCH list, and we can help you to maintain your business operations with reliable, affordable payment processing. Contact us today to learn more about our MATCH list merchant account solutions.

What Is the MATCH List?

MATCH stands for “Member Alert to Control High-risk Merchants.” MasterCard created the list as a way of identifying potentially high-risk merchants. Payment processors and merchant account providers use this information to decide whether or not to extend services to prospective merchants.

The MATCH list is an updated version of the TMF List, which stands for “Terminated Merchant File.” Whether you call it the Terminated Merchant File or MATCH List, the implications are the same.

Why Am I on the MATCH List?

If you’ve been placed on the MATCH list, it means that your business has been flagged as potentially high-risk. In other words, the industry perceives your business as being a potential problem merchant.

In some cases, the issue may be outside your control. For instance, you might automatically be placed on the MATCH list if you belong to a high-risk industry (like online dating or multi-level marketing) or if you operate in a country with a higher degree of credit card fraud. In other cases, you may be placed on the MATCH list due to the actions of your own business or your customers. For example, businesses are often MATCH-listed due to:

Being placed on the Terminated Merchant File or MATCH List won’t automatically bar you from obtaining merchant services, but it may limit the payment processors that will work with your merchant account.


We accept merchants terminated or on the TMF/Match list

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*For qualified merchants

Why Choose High Risk Merchant Pay for Your MATCH list Merchant Account?

While many high-risk payment processors are known for charging exorbitant rates and imposing hidden fees, you never have to worry about that with High Risk Merchant Pay. We offer a guaranteed flat rate that’s fair and competitive, and we don’t require a credit check.

We have an expert, in-house underwriting team that carefully evaluates every prospective merchant and works with them individually. We may even be able to pre-approve your business in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

In addition, our ecommerce gateways are fully PCI-compliant and protected with fraud scrubbing and chargeback mitigation tools. We work with industry leaders like Verifi, Ethoca, and Control Scan to monitor your transactions in real time for any suspicious activity, keeping you above board and protecting your merchant account. Our solution integrates with more than 175 shopping cart platforms, and we offer payment processing in over 169 currencies.

Don’t be held back by your MATCH list merchant account. Get started today. Contact High Risk Merchant Pay at (844) 956-1262.