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Nutraceuticals & Supplements

If you’re in the Nutraceutical and Dietary Supplement industry, High Risk Merchant Pay is able to provide credit card processing that is fair, effective, and most importantly, transparent.

With nutraceutical and dietary supplement consumption rate at its highest, so are revenues. Unfortunately, nutritional supplements are not highly regulated in the United States, making it easy for manufacturers to make false claims about their effective ingredients and the questionable benefits provided. Labeling/advertising regulations can be a minefield of conflicting rules and as a result, most banks and credit card companies are too skeptical and don’t want provide payment processing to nutraceutical companies at the risk of chargebacks from dissatisfied buyers.

Nutraceuticals are deemed high-risk due to the excessive number of chargebacks from disappointed customers who aren’t getting the results they were promised. At High Risk Merchant Pay, you don’t have to worry about your account being suddenly terminated because we understand the risks associated with nutraceutical companies and still value your business.

Unlike most banks and credit card processing companies , our in-house underwriters and in-house compliance team takes the time to understand your nutraceutical company’s business model and provide customized credit card processing solutions to get your merchant account up and running. With our credit card processing solutions, your company can process e-commerce nutraceutical products under one bill, one processor, and one flat rate. No outrageous rates, no credit check, no background check needed.