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Nutraceuticals and Supplements

It can be difficult to find a reliable payment processing solution when you work in the Nutraceutical and Dietary Supplement industry. Because banks and credit card companies consider these businesses high-risk, honest merchants often have to suffer the consequences. But there is a solution. High Risk Merchant Pay offers nutraceutical credit card processing that’s affordable, flexible, and transparent.

We serve a wide range of businesses, including those that handle:

Nutraceutical businesses are considered high-risk due to the high number of chargebacks initiated by dissatisfied customers who fail to get the desired results. Many payment processors will suspend or cancel your merchant account if you exceed a maximum chargeback threshold, but at High Risk Merchant Pay, we understand the risks and take steps to protect your account.


We accept merchants terminated or on the TMF/Match list

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If you’re in need of quality nutraceutical merchant services, here are just a few more reasons to consider High Risk Merchant Pay:

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