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Online Payment Security for Ecommerce Businesses

Digital information theft has overtaken personal theft as the most prevalent form of fraud. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting eCommerce businesses to steal corporate and consumer data for committing financial fraud. While all eCommerce businesses are concerned with data security, companies operating in high-risk industries have additional issues to worry about.

High-risk businesses traditionally deal with higher than average rates of consumer fraud and chargebacks in their industry. Excessive chargebacks pose an existential threat to businesses. As a result, businesses operating in high-risk industries need ironclad online payment security solutions and fraud mitigation tools to protect their viability. High Risk Merchant Pay (HRMP) offers cutting-edge payment security software solutions to protect consumer and corporate data and boost business profitability.

Protect Your Business From Cybercriminals & Chargebacks

HRMP uses state-of-the-art online payment security solutions and the latest PCI DSS compliance standards to protect your business and customers from fraud and financial loss.

Cutting-Edge Fraud Mitigation Technology

HRMP’s secure payment processing platform uses advanced fraud mitigation software solutions to keep your chargeback ratio to a minimum. We work with industry-leading fraud prevention tools such as Control Scan, Ethoca, Web Shield, and Verifi to keep your chargeback ratio below 2%, protecting your merchant account from the risk of suspension or termination. Our online payment security tools monitor every transaction and immediately alert merchants of potential fraud to reduce the risk of financial loss.

PCI-Compliant Payment Processing

Along with advanced fraud prevention tools, our payment processor adopts the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) to protect cardholder data. PCI DSS is a set of information security protocols that payment processors like HRMP must comply with to be able to handle consumers’ credit card data. At HRMP, our payment gateways and eCommerce integrations are both fully compliant with PCI standards to secure credit card transactions.

In summary, HRMP’s secure online payment processor helps your business:

Work With HRMP to Boost Your Online Payment Security

While the adoption of online payment security measures are a necessity for all eCommerce companies, they are even more critical for online businesses in high-risk industries. High-risk businesses not only need to protect customers’ credit card data, but they should also adopt payment security tools to minimize the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

HRMP credit card processing services provide high-risk businesses with chargeback mitigation tools and PCI DSS compliant payment getaways to protect companies and customers from financial loss. If you need more information about our online payment security solutions, contact HRMP’s support team at (844) 956-1262 to learn more about our services. Partner with HRMP to promote a more secure and profitable eCommerce business.