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High-Risk Merchant Pay’s Services

Here at High Risk Merchant Pay, we specialize in providing businesses with payment processing in high-risk industries and low-risk industries of all shapes and sizes. We offer our services to businesses in industries that are often turned away from other payment processors, like Adult Merchandising, CBD/Hemp Oil, Fantasy Sports, and many more. We even work with merchants who have been added to the TMF/Match list.

Fair, Customized Rates

In addition to high-risk merchant payment processing services, we’re equipped with a top-of-the-line in-house underwriting team that looks into each prospective merchant and assesses their individual level of risk so that we can offer fair rates across the board. We customize a payment processing system for each and every applicant, accounting for their processing history and their business’s needs and goals.


We utilize state-of-the-art fraud prevention tools to help keep our merchants’ reputations intact. Every gateway is monitored 24/7, and we work with anti-fraud leaders like Web Shield, Ethoca, Control Scan, and Verifi to keep a stringent eye on all of our merchants’ transactions, providing real-time alerts for common business red-flags, like potential fraudulent charges and chargebacks.

Because chargebacks are often common in high-risk payment processing, we employ technologically advanced chargeback mitigation tools, which identify potential problem customers and keep merchants’ chargeback ratios at under 2%. This helps prevent our clients from having their accounts suspended or terminated.


We’re quick out of the gates. In fact, we can often get our merchants’ high-risk payment processing, and all other high-risk merchant services up and running in as little as 1 to 2 days. We don’t apply any lengthy holds or delays to accounts, and we offer daily funding. So with us, you can spend less time worrying about payment specifics, and more time helping your business prosper in ways only you can.

Industry Professionalism 

We always maintain total PCI DSS compliance for all payment gateways and eCommerce integrations. We’re constantly taking steps to be the best high-risk payment processor available, by frequently adding new integration compatibility and solidifying relationships with new banking institutions all over the world.

All-Inclusive Support

Our global payment system is compatible with more than 175 eCommerce/shopping cart platforms – we even support recurring/subscription-based payments, and we can accept payments in at least 169 global currencies.

Our support team is made up of 100% in-house representatives who pride themselves on their response time, and live customer support is available as well at no extra cost.

No credit checks are required, all applications are assessed carefully by trained underwriting experts, and every high-risk merchant account of ours is regularly reviewed by compliance officers, committed to keeping your business in good standing.

High-risk payment processing and all of our other services are available for a single low rate with no hidden fees of any kind. Even if banks consider your business too high-risk to work with, High Risk Merchant Pay is here to bring you the support you require to run your eCommerce business successfully. So long as your business is legal and reputable, we’d love to work with you – our acceptance rate is extremely high. To learn more about what HRMP can do, contact us today!