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Travel Merchant Account

If you are in the travel industry, you know first-hand how difficult it is to find travel merchant account providers that can process your online payments securely without exorbitant rates. Other banks and credit card companies may deny your travel company’s application, but we, at High Risk Merchant Pay, evaluate each travel company individually, so we learn your method of doing business and provide a customized travel agency merchant account by listening to your requirements and understanding your business model.

Our Advanced Chargeback Mitigation Tools Keep Chargeback Ratios Down and Profit Margins Up

Most travel companies ask the same question: Why is my company categorized as high-risk? To better understand this question, it is important to know that travel is a very dynamic business. Consumers are booking reservations far in advance and when something happens, such as extreme weather or a change of plans, people cancel their trips and request a chargeback from their credit card company. Since the chargeback timeframe is based on when the services are rendered, not at the time of purchase, users often chargeback months after they actually purchased their booking. Thus, travel merchant accounts are often placed in jeopardy.

At High Risk Merchant Pay, we have advanced chargeback mitigation tools to help monitor your merchant transactions and alert you when things happen within your account so you can address them quickly. With our advanced tools, your travel agency merchant account will have low chargeback ratios, minimizing the risk of account termination. We partner with leading industry professionals (Ethoca, Verifi, Control Scan, and ETA) that specialize in fraud detection tools for travel merchant accounts to ensure our customers can receive real-time alerts to reduce chargebacks.


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